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Laura Nordin


Height:    5'6"

Hair:        Brown

Eyes:       Green


Training:  BFA Acting, UBC

                 MFA Acting, A.R.T. - Harvard University and The Moscow                  Art Theatre (MXAT)


Location: Toronto, ON, Canada


The Handmaid's Tale    Wannabe Mom            Bradley Whitford/MGM Television

Darken(series)                 Mother Darken            Audrey Cummings/Shaftesbury

The Strain                        Palmer's Mother          Peter Weller/FX

Murdoch Mysteries        Cora Brooks                 Harvey Crossland/CBC

The Listener                    Mary Woodley             Bradley Walsh/CTV

The Offering                    Joyce                             Christian Sparkes/CFC

Ecstasy                            Jenny                             Rob Heydon/Ecstasy Films

Pontypool                        Spooky Woman          Bruce McDonald/Shadow Shows

Truth                                 Ex-Girlfriend                 Hubert Davis/NFB


Fierce Monsters           Girl                                 Jody Hewston/Summerworks

Agamemnon                Clytemnestra               Michael Wighton/Theatre Cipher

Stranger                        Marie                             Simon Rice/Praxis Theatre


BMO, Ford, Ziploc





Unarmed Combat (certified),

Dialects: RP & Standard British, Irish, Cockney, Standard North American

Training & Workshops

MFA - Acting - A.R.T at Harvard University & Moscow Art Theatre

BFA - Acting  - University of British Columbia

Private Coaching - Brenda Bazinet, Penelope Corrin, Melee Hutton

On Camera - Salvatore Antonio, Lynne Cormack, Bruce Clayton at ProActors Lab

NYC Private Coach - Jane Nichols

Practical Aesthetics - Scott Zigler

Scene Study - Carol Rosenfeld

Shakespeare - Neil Freeman, Karin Coonrod, Nancy Houfek

Voice - Nancy Houfek (Fitzmaurice Technique)

Movement - Andre Droznin, Michael Wighton

Suzuki and View Points - SITI Company Workshops

Stage Combat - Robert Walsh, Nicholas Harrison

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